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Excel Herbage with Dandelion & Marigold

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Suitable for the following small pet breeds:

Chinchillas, Degus, Giant Rabbits, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs.

Excel Herbage Timothy Hay is a delicious source of dietary fibre for your small pet, helping to keep your pet's digestive system healthy.

Excel Herbage Timothy Hay contains:

Dandelion - which is not only tasty, but helps to keep your small pets urinary tract healthy (particularly in rabbits);
Marigolds - containing lutein which has natural anti-viral properties to help support your small pets immune system.

Timothy Hay is a great way to keep your small pets teeth healthy; the natural gnawing action will help to grind down your pet's teeth keeping them healthy and trim.

Excel Herbage Timothy Hay is dried through a unique process which helps preserve the maximum nutrition and reduces dust content to a bare minimum.

Ideally suited for rabbits, guinea pigs and degus.

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