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Royal Canin Medium Junior Complete Food 4Kg

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From 2 months to 12 months

A special composition to help build the natural defences of the Medium-sized puppy.

  • A synergistic complex of antioxidants (vitamins E and C, taurine and lutein) to maintain the immune defences.
  • Mannan-oligosaccharides to support the immune system in the intestinal mucosae and promote a healthy gut flora.

  • Fructo-oligosaccharides to promote a balanced intestinal flora.
  • Essential fatty acids

    for coat and skin formation and to support the integrity of the intestinal mucosae.
  • Vitamin A and biotin for the development of skin cells.
  • Chelated zinc to help the healing process.



medium junior picto   

Satisfies the requirements for fast growth by providing a high energy content food (4288 kcal/kg) rich in proteins (32%).

medium junior picto 

Takes account of  the puppy's poor digestive capacity by means of very highly digestible proteins, a reduced starch content (25%), fructo-oligosaccharides and beet pulp to nourish the intestinal flora.

medium junior picto 

Promotes steady growth and healthy teeth by means of appropriate calcium and phosphorus contents.


A patented synergistic complex of antioxidants, mannan-oligosaccharides, essential fatty acids, vitamin A and biotin and zinc chelate to help maintain a puppy?s natural defences.

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