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  • Fish wormer

Wormer Plus for Discus & Tropical Fish

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WORMER PLUS, aquatic fish wormer, fluke & parasite killer. The UK's only 100% safe aquatic wormer.


Worms are a fact of life for discus unlike other fish; every discus can carry its own complement of worms. When in good health these worms are not a problem, but as soon as the fish is stressed or bullied etc its natural immunity is compromised and worms can take a hold. Unlike living in massive river systems as in the wild, we try and keep these fish in small glass boxes where parasites & pest can build up. It is recommended to use on a regular basis to keep these pest down to safe levels. A sure sign of a worm problem is when a discus still eats, yet is wafer thin with the famous pinched in look above the eyes. Wormer plus will rid discus of tapeworms, leeches, gill flukes, body flukes, and internal helminths such as round worms, pin worms, nematodes, hydra, ick, velvet and protozoa plus a host of other pest. Wormer plus can be safely mixed with other aquarium products and medications if needed to administer at the same time. Although a second dose after four days will be needed in heavy infestations of flukes, Hexamita and leeches. So if your discus look black, emaciated or just worn out use wormer plus on a regular basis and do them a favour. Using wormer plus once a month will help to keep your valued discus and tropical fish in tip top health. It is not necessary to turn off U/V sterilisation during its application, but it is advisable to remove carbon etc whilst using this medication for full effect. This product can be used with stingrays, puffer fish, and free-swimming fry from one week old upwards. It is safe to use in aquariums with plants, and it will not harm the biological filtration in your filters. WARNING: This medication may kill some types of snails. Complies with the good manufacturing practice (GMP).

Flubendazole is the effective main active ingredient, which is less toxic than using Praziquantel. Naturally sourced calcium carbonate acts as a gentle booster and pick me up after the pests are killed. A minuscule amount of Natural Calcium carbonate (0.01g hardly enough for a twitch let alone a PH swing) is blended with the Flubenzonal to adjust a very slight drop in PH from adding the Flubenzonal, which cleverly balances out this med making very little (if any) difference to PH at all when using wormer plus. Apart from having a good purpose as a corrective buffer of the treatment, this also is used as a gentle 'pick me up' and useful carrier, instead of using a useless filler to bulk out the product to make it look more for your money as in some other fluke products.

Praziquantel used on a regular basis can have a detrimental effect on major internal organs of discus, which is why I chose flubenzonal over Praziquantel as a safer, less toxic option. Prazi has been documented as being a nuro toxin nerve agent, and has been listed as a toxin. Praziquantel works by producing strong spasms and then paralyzing the muscles. There are some possible side effects associated with using Praziquantel. The most common being internal bleeding, bloody diarrhoea, appetite loss, lethargic fish etc. Because of the high toxin risk, yes it works, and fast with quick results can impress!! It is seen as a fast method to worm your discus or fish, but at a cost!! Not just financially as prizi is more expensive than Flubenzonal, but to your fishes health after treating. This is what makes wormer plus different to using Praziquantel based products, and NOT as a competitor has stated as being the same as ours to make you buy.

This product does not contain antibiotics and is marketed with the small animal exemption scheme. It is 100% legal; VMD approved, passed with risk phrases and safety phrases and complies with COSHH. Wormer plus has an easy to use 30-gallon (114 litre) measuring scoop supplied, (copyright 'as passing off' applies) in every pack, making it easy to measure out and to administer the treatment. Instructions are on the back of every pack. Mix in a food grade container half filled with aquarium water; secure tight fitting lid and shake to mix the medication. Add to water over a one-minute period. No need to boil, and Wormer plus will not raise your PH, TDS or GH. It is recommended to worm your discus once a month for trouble free discus keeping, and this will also give any new stock a flying start if introducing to existing stock. Now keeping your favourite tropical fish has never been easier.

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