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3. Sheba Mini Pouch 50g (6 pack) Fish Selection

4. Ferplast F4172 Comfort 1 Perches

5. Ferplast F4174 Comfort 2 Perches

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3. Ferplast Plastic Corner Shelf
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We stock chinchilla cages made from the most respected pet product manufacturers including Ferplast, Superpet and Hagen.

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Ferplast Cincilla Knockdown Cage & Accessories (57037517)
RRP: 237.24
Our Price: 189.76 Inc Vat.
You Save: 47.48 (20%)

Ferplast Furat KD For Rats & Ferrets (57059814)
RRP: 154.15
Our Price: 123.35 Inc Vat.
You Save: 30.80 (20%)

Ferplast Furet Extra Large Rat and Ferret Cage (57062414)
RRP: 222.46
Our Price: 166.85 Inc Vat.
You Save: 55.61 (25%)

Ferplast Scoiattoli Tower KD Cage for Chinchillas (57014617)
RRP: 349.55
Our Price: 279.65 Inc Vat.
You Save: 69.90 (20%)