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Carefresh Dust Free Bedding 14L

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Science Carefresh is a new unique bedding bought to you by Supreme Petfoods. Carefresh is the ideal bedding for all small animals, made from high quality virgin wood pulp. It is specially designed to eliminate urine odours, and lasts twice as long as traditional bedding. Carefresh keeps your small animal and their environment fresh and clean. That's why Carefresh is the best selling premium bedding in the USA. SUPER ABSORBENT Carefresh absorbs over three times its weight in liquids. The super absorbency of Carefresh keeps pets and their living area dry and clean. What's more, it doesn't fall apart when wet. SUPERIOR ODOUR CONTROL Carefresh is scientifically engineered to control ammonia formation (urine odour) up to twice as long as traditional bedding. Animals and their environments stay fresh and clean smelling.

SUPER COMFORT Carefresh is ideal for post-operative care because it is so soft and absorbent. It won't irritate or contaminate wounds. All pets are more playful and comfortable in clean, hypo-allergenic Carefresh. CLEAN AND SAFE Carefresh is non toxic. It is sanitised to F to kill bacteria, mould and fungi. It's been tested for dioxins,(380 pesticides and heavy metals to protect you and your pet. Carefresh is clean, safe and natural. DUST FREE Carefresh is virtually dust free. It won't irritate you or your pet's respiratory system and makes cleaning out cages less of a chore.

LASTS LONGER Carefresh lasts longer than other kinds of traditional bedding, so you don't spend lots of time cleaning up. You save money because Carefresh lasts longer between bedding changes. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY Carefresh is independently certified to be environmentally friendly. It's made from wood pulp that can't be made into paper, and so would normally be buried in a landfill. Carefresh recycles this resource and saves valuable landfill space.Science Carefresh is suitable for all types of pet animals. Rabbits - ideal for house rabbits and super absorbent in cages. Safer for your pet than some wood shavings, as the bedding contains no hydrocarbons. Odour is dramatically reduced and cleaning is fast and easy.

Guinea Pigs - keeps them looking clean and dry without sticking to them. Does not become mushy when wet. Rats & Mice - controls ammonia odour longer, and encourages natural burrowing and nesting. Gerbils & Hamsters - the super absorbency controls water bottle drips and keeps cages cleaner for longer. Odour is also dramatically reduced. Ferrets - ideal for litter boxes or cage trays. Won't scratch floors. Reduces faecal odour. Cage Birds - ideal for lining bird cages. Keeps babies clean and dry. Lasts longer between changes, and is dust free. Reptiles - non abrasive, won't irritate their skin and is easy to clean up. The natural fibres pass easily through the gastro-intestinal tract when ingested. Cats - the ideal cat box litter. Scientifically controls ammonia formation up to three times longer than clay cat litter for outstanding odour control. Ideal for post-surgical care. Dogs - use in dog houses, kennels and dog runs to keep dry warm and comfortable. Exotic Animals - a versatile bedding that is super absorbent, has outstanding odour control and lasts longer between changes.

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